laura veazey, president

About Focus Strategy

Focus Strategy was formed by a group of political veterans who understood that their training and success in managing projects, budgets, communications (traditional, earned and digital media) and outreach under pressure and tight deadlines would naturally benefit a wide array of projects for private, public and non-profit organizations. We are a full service firm specializing in government relations, advocacy, fundraising, digital marketing, issues management and messaging. Our team has worked effectively across party lines to achieve unprecedented results for our clients including securing millions of dollars in public funding.

Based in Louisiana, our team has exported a unique winning flavor of Louisiana’s recipe for campaign and messaging success to areas across the country.

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Vision. Management. Execution. 
Focus Strategy President Laura Veazey spends her time outside the office taking classics and restoring them to modern use. From start to finish, the details are our passion.

1967 Linc.JPG

Restoring classic car - 1967 Lincoln Continental

New Orleans House Before.jpg

New Orleans Historical Renovation and Rehab: Before

Br Office 2.JPG

Baton Rouge Office

Nola house after 1.JPG

New Orleans Historical Renovation and Rehab: During

BR office 1.JPG

Baton Rouge Office

nola house after 2.JPG

New Orleans Historical Renovation and Rehab: After

BR office.jpeg

Baton Rouge Office