Getting in touch with your legislators

Throughout the legislative session, we’ll be asking you to contact your legislator and make your voice heard in the lawmaking process. We know that for beginners, calling elected officials can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

Who are your legislators?

You can find your state legislators by visiting this page on the Louisiana State Legislature website:

Simply enter your home address, hit “Find,” and it will bring you to a list of your elected representatives. Focus on the top two people on this list, your Louisiana House District and Louisiana Senate District. Those are your representatives in the State Legislature. 

If you click on your House member or Senate member, it will bring you to a page with their contact information, including their phone number and email address, and some biographical information. 

Initial Contact

For your first contact with your legislators, send them an email introducing yourself. In this email, be sure to include your home address and cell number. We’ve included a sample script to use as a guide in this initial contact. 


Hello/Good Morning Representative or Senator ____________,

My name is ________ and I’m a constituent of yours. I work as a Nurse Practitioner at _________ (describe your role/job).

[Feel free to add any personal details such as schools attended or connections to the community, etc.]

I’m reaching out to you to let you know I am very interested in following health policy at the state level and plan to stay involved in the process as we move towards the legislative session this year. I’d like to be a resource for you as you work on pending legislation and keep an open dialogue as various health care policies are proposed.

If I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out for a phone call or meeting.

Thank you,



Meeting with your legislators

Once you’ve sent your first email to your legislator, it's time to arrange a meeting to sit down with them face-to-face. This is an opportunity for your legislator to learn more about Nurse Practitioners and what we do! 

Earlier, we went to the contact pages for your state legislators on the legislature’s website. The phone numbers listed on those pages are for their district offices and are answered by their legislative aides. They’re in charge of the schedules and are who you’ll want to talk to in order to arrange a meeting. 

When calling to set up a meeting with your legislators, explain who you are and that you’re calling to arrange a meeting to discuss your profession and provide information about the role of nurse practitioners. 

It's always helpful in making our case to keep communications with our legislators POSITIVE. 

When you sit down with your state legislators, avoid:

  • I’m just as good or better than a physician.
  • Anecdotes about bad actor physicians.
  • Avoid hashing out negative details of debates in the past.

Instead, focus on:

Nurse Practitioners serve a very important role in delivering health care to patients.

We help fill a very specific role in the health care delivery system.

We want to be more involved in policy making utilizing knowledge gained through experience in our roles on the front lines of serving the patients of Louisiana.

We are focused on the future of health care in Louisiana: modernizing our system, cutting red tape and unnecessary regulations, making health care more cost efficient for our state and working better for Louisiana patients.